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Wasel has his heart deep into Philanthropy.

While still active in the community, Wasel strives to be a global youth Ambassador. He has partnered with various charities around the world, providing support & educational guidance to encourage the youth to read, write, and become entrepreneurs, like himself. He vocalizes to the youth about the importance of education & the challenges that today’s generation has to face.

THANK YOU WASEL : Nyeri Kenya : Noted, the Little Angels SCHOOL is for the Orphanage Children: Located in Nyeri Kenya, also one of the most favorite British Royal Family : starting With the Queen Elizabeth II

Faith and hope are central to the lives of everyone in the Little Angels community. Little Angel’s school operates strictly by local community donations & also some international help : Little Anges ACCEPTS cash donations, Masks, Sanitizers, PPE also Gently used clothes, books, toys, computers, lap tops, used cell phones, furniture, also Volunteers with various Skills are all welcomed

Little Angels.. it is near Nyeri hill where the world famous Kenyan Olympic & Boston Marathon athletes train. Kiganjo training college is not very far from little angels. Colonel Richard Nyeri is one of the oldest towns in Kenya. It was founded during the pre-colonial era before Kenya was a protectorate of Britain. Its name came to be during the time the British were setting up administration in the region around mount Kenya led by Colonel Richard.
Nyeri remains a place of pilgrimage for the worldwide Scouting and Guiding Movements, with members congregating in the city from time to time for various activities and function

The boy scout-Global-movement:

Nyeri is also known worldwide as it is the birth pla ce of the boy scout-movement.
The aim of the movement is to support mental, physical and spiritual development of young boys, so that they may play a constructive role in the society.

It was founded by Lord Baden Powell who lived his last years in Nyeri, passed away and was buried in Nyeri.

About fifteen kilometers out of Nyeri on the opposite side to Mt. Kenya is the Aberdare National Park

Within the park, lodges near watering holes offer close proximity night game viewing. It was at Treetops Lodge that The Princess Elizabeth, Duchess of Edinburgh (now Elizabeth II) was advised of the death of her father while on a honeymoon retreat, and her own ascent to the throne. The park is also known for the Kimathi hideouts, the Mau Mau Caves.

People from Nyeri County include:

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